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About Us

Big Bear T-Shirt Co. was started in late 2018 in south central Pennsylvania. It began with a main idea that t-shirts are the perfect way to put the wearers personality out there without saying a word. We're all introverts here and we know there are plenty more like us from all walks of life. Maybe shy, reserved, or all around quiet, there's still a sense of humor within all of us. So with that we found what our company would strive to create... 'T-Shirts For Introverts'. Have you ever been the recipient of the coveted "I like your shirt!" compliment? Yeah? It feels pretty good doesn't it? That's the feeling we're trying to give to everyone by putting our all into funny(sometimes immature) t-shirts that show off what's going on in your head. Shirts that project just what type of humor you go for. Put yourself out there and the least you can get is a few laughs with a stranger.


Big Bear T-Shirt Co.